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May 14, 2020
Supervisor Candace Andersen, Chair
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Vice Chair
Present: Chair Candace Andersen  
  Vice Chair Karen Mitchoff  
1. Introductions
2. Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
  The following individuals commented:

Nick Despota regarding budgetary impacts, climate goals and economic recovery goals.
Pamela Hill regarding in-home hands-on cancer (lymphatic drainage) therapy services, which may fall under Stage 3 of the Governor's recovery plan.

Dr. Farnitano clarified that there are some exceptions for medical-based procedures, with proper protection and practices.
3. RECEIVE and APPROVE the Record of Action for the May 7, 2020 meeting.
  The Committee approved the Record of Action for the May 7, 2020 meeting as presented.
AYE: Chair Candace Andersen, Vice Chair Karen Mitchoff
  DRAFT Record of Action 5-7-2020
CONSIDER the impacts of COVID-19 on the following business sectors and discuss pathways that may allow these business to resume, if possible, within the limitations established by the County Health Officer:

1.  Personal Services
  1. Personal services in the home such as cleaning services, piano tuners
  2. Personal services outside the home in salons, individual suites
2.  Recreation/Lifestyle Services
  1. Health Clubs/Gyms
  2. Camping/RV Parks
  3. Swimming Schools
  4. Municipal Parks and Recreation Programs
  Chair Andersen provided an overview of changes in the County's COVID-19 situation since last week's meeting:
  • 1089 cases, 919 recovered, 33 deaths, 137 active cases
  • update to isolation quarantine orders to change period from 7 to 10 days after symptom onset
  • redefining infectious period or those who are asymptomatic and test positive to 48 hours to identify close contacts, defined as those coming within 6 feet of a case for at least 15 min during infectious period
  • Orinda care center cases have run their course
  • SIP changes merging toward Phase 2 forthcoming due to progress in key reopening indicators
  • More testing sites are now available
  • New school graduation guidelines on County website
  • Accepting applications for people who want to assist with contact tracing

Personal in-home services:  Example, piano tuners or house cleaners. 
Dr. Farnitano advised that such a service would fall under later part of Phase 2 under the Governor's roadmap.  The Governor has identified three groups of counties:  those whose recovery would parallel the State, extremely rural with few/no cases that would recover faster than the State, and urban counties with dense population with higher numbers that would trail behind the State.  The Bay Area falls into the third group.  CCC initial SIP order was more restrictive than the State and our pace is a little slower than the State.   

The follow person commented:
Shawna Garvin regarding Christian values and need to meet together in fellowship, and the negative impacts of isolation.

Personal services outside the home:  Example salons.  Dr. Farnitano advised that these services fall under Phase of the recovery plan.  Businesses should read the checklists for each industry to get prepared to open and operate safely once permitted.  The County doesn't intend to create different guidelines than the State, though the County's timing might be different.  Local orders will be aligned with the State's.

Dr. Farnitano reviewed the varying degrees of safety depending on the type of masks worn and the distance between individuals.

Health Clubs/Gyms/Swimming/
Health Clubs, Gyms and public pools (any pool not in a private home) will be covered in the State's Phase 3.  There is evidence that the risk of transmission increases while people are exercising because the particles travel farther.  Child camps involving stable groups of less than 12 with consistent adult supervision will be permitted for childcare for persons working during the pandemic.  This exception doesn't apply to adult swimmers or public pools outside this camp setting.

The follow persons commented:
  • Lisa Blackwell regarding swimming for patients and the efficacy of chlorine against the virus. 
  • Marcy regarding studio gyms vs big box gyms.
  • J Canesa regarding lap swimming in a public pool.
  • Lauren Sondel regarding fitness studios by appointment only and personal training.
  • Chris Rasmussen regarding coaching at children's camps, and inconsistency in rules between different types of businesses.
  • Christine Hernandez regarding how close proximity is defined
  • Melanie Kress regarding children's camp swim guidelines
  • Matt Struempf regarding children's camp swim guidelines and lifeguard duties
  • Liz Claytor regarding swim lessons for the summer season and mixed messaging
  • Tilde regarding
Dr. Farnitano explained that differing rules between businesses types relate more to the essentiality of the service.  The County's are primarily relying on the State to define the business operating rules.  He also clarified that lifeguards could potentially with older kids be considered part of support staff and not part of the staff that work closely with groups of children.

Chair Andersen explained that enforcement of the Health Order is by cities.  The County is providing guidance and people and businesses are expected to self-govern.

(Due to technical issues with the County's virtual meeting account, the remainder of the Record of Action could not be completed.)

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  Public Comment_Kathy Chiverton_Thrift Stores
  Public Comment_Pam Hill_5-11-2020
  Public Comment_Diablo Crossfit Email_5-11-2020
  Public Comment_Diablo Crossfit Opening Plan_5-11-2020
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  Public Comment_Mustang Soccer_5-13-2020
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  Public Comment_J Kim_Swim Teams_5-14-2020
  Public Comment_Linda Kay_Piano Tuning_5-14-2020
  Public Comment_Tilde Karlson_Swim Lessons_5-14-2020
  2019 Drowning Prevention Message From Govenor Gavin Newsom
5. The next meeting is currently scheduled for May 21, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.
  The Committee confirmed the next scheduled meeting date/time, as agendized.
AYE: Chair Candace Andersen, Vice Chair Karen Mitchoff
6. Adjourn
  Chair Andersen adjourned the meeting at approximately 3:00 p.m.

For Additional Information Contact:

Julie DiMaggio Enea, Committee Staff
Phone (925) 335-1077, Fax (925) 646-1353

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