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May 7, 2020
Supervisor Candace Andersen, Chair
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Vice Chair

Present: Chair Candace Andersen  
  Vice Chair Karen Mitchoff  
Staff Present: Julie DiMaggio Enea, Senior Deputy County Administrator
Attendees: See Attendance Record, attached.
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  Welcome, Introductions and Purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee

Chair Andersen convened the meeting and explain how the meeting will be conducted and how participants can indicate that they'd like to comment.  She also explained the purpose of the committee.

Vice Chair Mitchoff described the current Health Order and what she hoped to accomplish from the committee meetings.  She indicated that the Committee would not be answering questions today but would accept input on how to move forward.

Chair Andersen recognized Health Services Director Anna Roth and County Health Officer Chris Farnitano and thanked them for joining the meeting.

2. Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
  The following individuals spoke during the general public comment period:

Debbie Toth commented on how well Contra Costa County is handling the virus response.

Susan Morgan commented about face coverings. and people who have doctor's notes that they cannot wear face coverings.

  RECEIVE report on the impacts of the COVID-19 health order on local industry and businesses.

The following individuals commented

Vice Chair Mitchoff requested clarification regarding what is included in childcare/education:  does it include Little League Baseball and swimming schools, for example?

Jenise Falk asked for help from the County Health Officer because her thrift store business model relates to a vulnerable population and she wants to make sure that donations are safe.  She wants to collaborate with other thrift stores to prepare for the time when the stores can re-open.

Michelle Klimesh commented about gymnastics schools and how to maintain social distancing and handle masks.  She is looking for direction regarding small day camps and the minimum square footage required for certain groups.

Jim Kiloran requested a fair balance between economic impacts and health and safety.

Elias Mandilaras spoke on behalf of the hotel industry, specifically the Renaissance hotel with health club.  They would like to assist with the development of policies applicable to this industry.  He mentioned three golf clubs that opened in San Diego under specific guidelines.  Stacy Litteral commented on family and children's activities and offered to be a support system on the development of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for children's and group activities.

Mike McDermott asked about reopening of churches.  He suggested looking at placing limits based the percentage of occupancy per square footage of a facility.

Michelle Lacy, General Manager of the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District, pledged to be a resource to the committee and commented that there is confusion on how the health order should be applied.

Liz Claytor, owner of Splash Swim School, appreciated the FAQs and looks forward to working with the Committee on water safety.

Esamer Hook owner of a restaurant and is looking for guidance, particularly at the Veranda in Concord with shares a common area among several businesses.  Working with ABC (State Alcohol and Beverage Control) to expand seating.
  Attachment 1: Contra Costa Layoff Report 4-22-2020
  Public Comment: District II
  Public Comment: Construction
  Public Comment: Energy
  Public Comment: Entertainment
  Public Comment: Personal Services
  Public Comment: Retail
  Public Comment_Jerome Fishkin_5-5-2020
  Public Comment_Susan Morgan_5-5-2020
  Public Comment_Nicole Bartholow_5-5-2020
  Public Comment_Jim Kiloran_5-6-2020
  Public Comment_Mark McNeal_5-6-2020
  Public Comment_Lafayette CoC_5-7-2020
  REVIEW California and County road maps to safety and economic recovery.

Dr. Farnitano, County Health Officer, explained the five indicators on which the Bay Area Health Officers are relying to inform the County's road map: 
  1. cases are stable or decreasing for several continuous weeks
  2. hospital cases decreasing
  3. cases represent less than half ICU (intensive care unit) capacity
  4. hospitals are prepared with enough PPE (personal protective equipment )
  5. we are doing sufficient testing, effective tracing to limit spread of the virus

Monday's changes to the health order related mostly to construction, outdoor work and outdoor recreation.

Chair Andersen reported that anyone in the county can now be tested by appointment.  She said that the County isn't yet ready to move to Stage 2 in the way the State has decided to move forward.

Debbie Toth commented on public transportation and says we need to be thoughtful about the safety of the frail and elderly.

Marti Roach with 350 Contra Costa, commented on having a safe and just economic recovery:  status of safety net (housing), priorities for economic stimulus funding, silver lining opportunities e.g., less traffic, air pollution, telecommuting).

Nicole, general manager of thrift shops, needs guidelines on how to handle incoming donations and home donations.
  Update on California Pandemic Roadmap
  Public Comment_Steve Cortese_5-5-2020
  Public Comment_Steve Cortese_Attachment_5-5-2020
  Public Comment_Mary Haugh Rubick_5-6-2020
  Public Comment_Liz Claytor_5-6-2020
  Public Comment_Kathy Rennar_5-6-2020
5. RECEIVE report on the provision of building permit and inspection services under the New COVID-10 Order of the County Health Officer.
  John Kopchik, DCD Director, summarized the staff report and reviewed changes being made in the Application and Permit Center (APC) to comply with the new Health Order.  Typically, 90% of the permits were transpired in paper, causing crowded conditions in the APC.  DCD was on a 5-year plan to convert to 100% virtual permitting.  The 5-year plan has turned into a 5-day plan.

Jason Crapo, Deputy DCD Director, reported on the significant and rapid changes being made to accommodate construction permitting services in a way that complies with the health order.  The construction sector is coming back to life.  There is still fine-tuning to do as a consequence of rapid changes, but they will manage.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen, Building Industry Association, is working with state legislators to extend building permit deadlines, etc., which makes more sense to do on a statewide level than county by county.

  DRAFT DCD Application Permit and Inspection Operations Summary Under COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order
6. CONSIDER approving standing meeting schedule, weekly on Thursdays from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m., and identifying future meeting topics.  (Supervisor Andersen)
  Chair Andersen note eight categories of businesses that the Committee would cover over the course of the next several meetings.  Supervisor Mitchoff suggested that the Committee take at least two categories per meeting to attempt to cover all areas by July:
  1. Faith organizations
  2. Recreation and Lifestyle (including swim schools)
  3. Restaurant
  4. In-home services
  5. RV/Park
  6. Small businesses (including salons)
  7. Thrift sales & collection
  8. Furniture
Chair Andersen announced a fee hotline for businesses:  1-888-599-7645, and other business resources, and expressed appreciation for businesses coming together to buoy each other up.

Vice Chair Mitchoff says BAAQD will be discussing how we don't return to business as usual an incentive working at home, but must be balanced with revenue streams that are generated from commuting such as bridge tolls.  "Necessity is the mother of invention."

She mentioned a complaints received both about the constraints of the health order but also on lack of enforcement of the order.  She encourage personal responsibility for compliance with the health order.

The next meeting was set for Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

Chair Andersen adjourned the meeting.

7. Adjourn

For Additional Information Contact:

Julie DiMaggio Enea, Committee Staff
Phone (925) 335-1077, Fax (925) 646-1353

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