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  May 21, 2020
1:30 P.M
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Supervisor Candace Andersen, Chair
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Vice Chair
Agenda Items: Items may be taken out of order based on the business of the day and preference of the Committee
1.   Introductions
2.   Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
3.   RECEIVE and APPROVE the partial Record of Action for the May 14, 2020 meeting.
DRAFT Partial Record of Action 5-14-2020
CONSIDER the impacts of COVID-19 on the following business sectors and discuss pathways that may allow these business to resume, if possible, within the limitations established by the County Health Officer:

1.  Recreation/Lifestyle Services
  1. Health Clubs/Gyms
  2. Camping/RV Parks
  3. Swimming Schools
  4. Municipal Parks and Recreation Programs
2.  Curbside Retail and Associated Warehousing / Manufacturing
News Article_Massachusetts Swimming Pool Re-opening
Questions Forwarded by Chair Andersen_5-21-2020
Public Comment_Cortese Investement Co_5-18-2020
Public Comment_Stanley Gibson_5-21-2020
Public Comment_Amy Mason_5-21-2020
Public Comment_Betty McNely-5-20-2020
Public Comment-Rick Boyd-5-21-2020
Public Comment_Hillary Halvorson_5-21-2020
Roundhill Country Club Swimming Guidelines
Public Comment_Michael Wiseman_5-21-2020
5.   The next meeting is currently scheduled for May 28, 2020.
6.   Adjourn

The Ad Hoc Committee on Covid-19 Economic Impact and Recovery will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities planning to attend Committee meetings. Contact the staff person listed below at least 72 hours before the meeting.
Any disclosable public records related to an open session item on a regular meeting agenda and distributed by the County to a majority of members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Covid-19 Economic Impact and Recovery less than 96 hours prior to that meeting are available for public inspection at 651 Pine Street, 10th floor, during normal business hours. Staff reports related to items on the agenda are also accessible on line at
Public comment may be submitted via electronic mail on agenda items at least one full work day prior to the published meeting time.

For Additional Information Contact:

Julie DiMaggio Enea, Committee Staff
Phone (925) 335-1077, Fax (925) 646-1353

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