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C. 28
To: Board of Supervisors
From: David Twa, County Administrator
Date: December  15, 2020
The Seal of Contra Costa County, CA
Subject: Ratifying the Granting of Leave and Leave Accruals Related to COVID-19


Contact: Lisa Driscoll, County Finance Director (925) 335-1023
cc: Robert Campbell, Auditor-Controller     Ann Elliott, Acting Director of Human Resources    
I hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of an action taken and entered on the minutes of the Board of Supervisors on the date shown.
ATTESTED:     December  15, 2020
David Twa,
BY: , Deputy



RATIFY the order of the County Administrator crediting up to 120 hours of COVID Administrative Leave to eligible employees for lost leave (see attached).


Ultimately, the cost of these leave hours will depend upon how many employees are eligible for the leave, and will be offset by the unexpected loss of leave hours in the current year.


The County Administrator (CAO) is the administrator of emergency services and is in charge of the County's emergency organization. Under the emergency powers granted to the CAO under Article 42-2.8 of County Ordinance Code the CAO modified leave for County employees (see attached).


    The COVID 19 Pandemic has changed our lives in ways that we would have found impossible a year ago. For the most part, we have learned to adapt to changing circumstances, and have continued to provide the services that our communities need. The Regional Stay Home Order that the Governor recently announced is one more step in uncharted territory, yet I am confident that our employees will continue to rise to the occasion and do their level best to support those in need. To that end, and in recognition of those employees who have gone above and beyond their normal duties, we are providing up to 120 hours of COVID Administrative Leave to eligible employees. The following information is provided as guidance for the weeks to come:

    1. COVID Administrative Leave will be awarded to eligible permanent full-time and part-time County employees who are required and able to work (including remote work) who lose time in the specific leave categories listed below, due to reaching maximum cumulative hours or forfeiture of unused hours.Excludes First 5, IHSS Public Authority, LAFCO, and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District employees.
    2. For each hour of Personal Holiday, Vacation, and/or Paid Personal Leave/Management Administrative leave lost (up to a maximum of 120 hours), employees will be credited with one hour of COVID Administrative Leave (pay code COVAL) during the time period covering December 1, 2020 through January 1, 2021.The hours credited will be deposited into a new leave bank, and made available for use in 2022.
    3. Any unused COVID Administrative Leave will not be paid out and will be forfeited at the end of 2023, or when the employee terminates from County employment, whichever is sooner.


    Employees will not have access to COVID Administrative Leave.

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