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November 1, 2021
Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Chair
Supervisor John Gioia, Vice Chair

Present: Karen Mitchoff, Chair  
  John Gioia, Vice Chair  
Staff Present: Monica Nino, County Administrator; Lisa Driscoll, Finance Director; Timothy Ewell, Chief Assistant County Administrator; John Kopchik, Director, Conservation and Development; Samuel Driggers, Department of Conservation and Development; Amalia Cunningham, Assistant Deputy Director, Department of Conservation and Development; Gabriel Lemus, Department of Conservation and Development; Chris Wikler, BOS District IV
Attendees: Joseph Dieguez, Kosmont Companies
1. Introductions
  No introductions were necessary.
2. Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
  No public comments.
3. Staff recommends approval of the Record of Action for the September 13, 2021 meeting.
  Approved as presented.
  Record of Action Finance Committee meeting of 9-13-21
4. Provide staff direction regarding membership status.
  Accepted as presented.
  Attendance by Meeting Date
5. REVIEW draft County Policy on evaluation of joint Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts with cities within the County; PROVIDE feedback to staff and markups to proposed policy; and DETERMINE whether to forward to the full Board of Supervisors for review and adoption.
  Timothy Ewell presented staff's recommended policy on the evaluation of Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs).  The Committee discussed the draft policy and the comments that were submitted following a draft being presented to the Public Mangers Association.  After a discussion of impacts, the Committee asked that staff reach out to the planning team for the Concord Naval Weapons Station, and to work together to bring a revised policy to the Finance Committee in February 2022.
  DRAFT Policy - County Participation in Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) as of September 22, 2021
  Summary, City Comments to EIFD Policy
  EIFD Public Comment - City of Concord
  EIFD Public Comment - City of Walnut Creek
  EIFD Public Comment - City of Brentwood
The next meeting is currently scheduled for December 6, 2021.
  The December 6, 2021, meeting of the Finance Committee has been canceled due to a conflict with the National Association of Counties (NACo) conference.
7. Adjourn
  The meeting adjourned at approximately 10:00 AM.


For Additional Information Contact:

Lisa Driscoll, County Finance Director
Phone (925) 335-1023, Fax (925) 646-1353

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