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  November 13, 2019
10:30 A.M.
651 Pine Street, Room 101, Martinez

Supervisor Candace Andersen, Chair
Supervisor John Gioia, Vice Chair
Agenda Items: Items may be taken out of order based on the business of the day and preference of the Committee
1.   Introductions
2.   Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
3.   RECEIVE and APPROVE the draft Record of Action for the October 7, 2019 Family & Human Services Committee meeting.  (Julie DiMaggio Enea, County Administrator's Office)
DRAFT FHS Record of Action for 10-7-19
4.   CONSIDER recommending to the Board of Supervisors the reappointment of Jagjit Bhambra to the At Large 11 seat, Dennis Yee to At Large 14 seat, Brian O'Toole to At Large 16 seat, and Jill Kleiner to At Large 19 seat on the Advisory Council on Aging, as recommended by the Council. (Anthony Macias, Employment and Human Services Department)
Re-Appointment Memo
B. O'Toole Application
D. Yee Application
J. Kleiner Application
J. Bhambra Application
5.   CONSIDER recommending to the Board of Supervisors the reappointment of Guita Bahramipour to the Member at Large #4 seat on the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board.  (Fatima Matal Sol, Program Chief Alcohol and Other Drug Services)
AODAB Transmittal Memo
AODAB Roster
Candidate Application_Guita Bahramipour_AODAB
Candidate Application_Madison Gunn_AODAB
Candidate Application_Edward Salaiz_AODAB
6.   CONSIDER recommending to the Board of Supervisors the appointment of Dan Peddycord to the Health Care Representative seat, Shawn Ray to the Public Safety Representative seat, and Patrice Guillory to the Reentry Representative seat on the Contra Costa Council on Homelessness.  (Jaime Jennett, Homeless Continuum of Care Planning and Policy Manager)
Council on Homelessness Transmittal Letter_Recommendations for Appointments
Candidate Application_Adams, Roshawn_Homeless
Candidate Application_Broussard Eric_Homeless
Candidate Application_Guillory, Patrice_Homeless
Candidate Application_Peddycord, Dan_Homeless
Candidate Application_Poe, Adam_Homeless
Candidate Application_Ramirez, Leonard_Homeless
Candidate Application_Ray, Shawn_Homeless
Candidate Application_Richards, Avery_Homeless
Candidate Application_Serrano, Kristina_Homeless
Candidate Application_Teshager, Adey_Homeless
Candidate Application_Trowbridge, Linda_Homeless
Candidate Application_Walker, Michelle_Homeless
Candidate Application_Worley, James_Homeless
7.   CONSIDER recommending to the Board of Supervisors the appointment of Joshua Anjar to the Workforce #2 seat on the Workforce Development Board.  (Rochelle Martin-Soriano, Workforce Development Board)
WDB Transmittal Memo
J. Anjar Application
WDB Attendance Roster
Contra Costa County Labor Council Nomination Letter
8.   CONSIDER recommending to the Board of Supervisors the 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan priorities as recommended by staff or amended by the Committee.  (Gabriel Lemus, Department of Conservation and Development)
Draft 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan Priorities for Federal Housing Program Funding
9.   CONSIDER accepting report by the Health Care for the Homeless Program on the health status of the homeless population in Contra Costa County.  (Joseph Mega, Health Care for the Homeless Medical Director; Rachael Birch, Project Director)
Healthcare for the Homeless Powerpoint
10.   CONSIDER accepting annual status report on the Continuum of Care Plan for the Homeless.  (Lavonna Martin, H3 Director; Jaime Jennett, HSD Continuum of Care Planning and Policy Manager)
HSD Homelesss Continuum of Care Annual Report
Homeless Continuum of Care Annual Report 2018
Homeless Continuum of Care FHS Presentation
Contra Costa Homeless Services System Map
Homeless Services Race & Ethnicity Assessment
11.   CONSIDER accepting status report from the Employment and Human Services Department on the department's implementation of the CalFresh benefits expansion, and its CalFresh Outreach Plan and staffing needs. (Kathy Gallagher, Employment and Human Services Director)
CalFresh Status Update, Outreach Plan, and Staffing Needs
12.    The December 23, 2019 meeting of the Family and Human Services Committee has been canceled due to the Christmas holiday.  No additional meetings are currently scheduled for the 2019 Family & Human Services Committee.
13.    Adjourn

The Family & Human Services Committee will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities planning to attend Family & Human Services Committee meetings. Contact the staff person listed below at least 72 hours before the meeting.
Any disclosable public records related to an open session item on a regular meeting agenda and distributed by the County to a majority of members of the Family & Human Services Committee less than 96 hours prior to that meeting are available for public inspection at 651 Pine Street, 10th floor, during normal business hours.
Public comment may be submitted via electronic mail on agenda items at least one full work day prior to the published meeting time.

For Additional Information Contact:

Julie DiMaggio Enea, Interim Committee Staff
Phone (925) 335-1077, Fax (925) 646-1353

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