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October 12, 2020
Supervisor Candace Andersen,Chair
Supervisor Diane Burgis, Vice Chair
Present: Candace Andersen, Chair  
  Diane Burgis, Vice Chair  
Staff Present: Julie DiMaggio Enea, Staff
Attendees: Amalia Cunningham, DCD; Kristin Sherk, DCD; Mark Goodwin, Chief of Staff, District III; Beth Ward, Animal Services Director; Arturo Castillo, ASD; Cindy Shehorn, Purchasing Services Manager, PW
1. Introductions
  Chair Andersen called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. and invited each participant to introduce him/herself.
2. Public comment on any item under the jurisdiction of the Committee and not on this agenda (speakers may be limited to three minutes).
  No one requested to speak during the public comment period.
3. RECEIVE and APPROVE the Record of Action for the September 14, 2020 IOC meeting.
  The Committee approved the record of action fo the September 14, 2020 meeting as presented.
AYE: Chair Candace Andersen
  Vice Chair Diane Burgis
  DRAFT Record of Action for the September 14, 2020 Meeting
4. RECEIVE presentation on current status of Affordable Housing Finance Committee membership and CONSIDER directing staff to report back to the Internal Operations Committee in February 2021 with recommendations to better align membership categories with the AHFC’s work, allowing adequate time to appoint new AHFC members to the vacant seats prior to the AHFC’s likely next meeting in April 2021.
  Amalia Cunningham introduced the issue and deferred to Kristin Sherk, who presented the staff report and recommendations.  Kristin summarized the history of the AHFC and explained some of the challenges of filling seat vacancies and the preferred qualifications necessary to be an effective AHFC member.  Amalia noted that the AHFC currently does not have bylaws, and suggested that development of bylaws can be a vehicle for defining a new AHFC composition and qualifications.  She proposed to bring proposed bylaws back to the IOC in February 2021 to allow time for recruitment of members before the AHFC is due to meet again in April/May 2021.

Chair Andersen concurred and suggested recruiting from the building trades, which could include Building Industry Association, HomeAid Northern California (Cheryl O'Conner), and the Yellow Roof Foundation (Dave and Lori Sanson).  Vice Chair Burgis also suggested contacting the California Apartment Association.

Vice Chair Burgis also suggested that it might be appropriate to consider Pittsburg with the Central County rather than East County region and that the 2021 redistricting might inform such a decision.

With these suggestions, the Committee approved the staff recommendation.
AYE: Chair Candace Andersen
  Vice Chair Diane Burgis
  AHFC Roster_Sept 2020
5. ACCEPT the 2019/20 Animal Benefit Fund report and CONSIDER approving recommendations for modifying the Animal Benefit Fund program.
  Beth Ward provided the history of the Animal Benefit Fund and changes that have transpired since the advent of COVID-19, and deferred to Arturo Castillo, who presented the fiscal position of the Fund.  Arturo explained that many animal services were not classified as essential under the pandemic. He lauded ASD staff for helping to generate donation revenue for spay/neuter services during the challenging time of the pandemic.

Beth reviewed the program modification recommendations and the reasons therefor.  She discussed how she is partnering with local partners to provide spay/neuter services using County facilities on days that the County program is not operating.  She discussed the $3,000-$5,000 daily cost of providing mobile clinic services.  She noted a lack of low cost spay/neuter facilities in East Contra Costa County.  She will be targeting $130,000 in donations this year, but that will not be enough to meet projected needs.  She presented a Powerpoint highlighting some of the animals in the County's care.

Vice Chair Burgis suggested that this is an opportune time to prepare for a transition out of the COVID period.

The Committee accepted the report and approved the recommended program modifications and directed staff to prepare a resolution to effect the modifications, to be presented to the Board of Supervisors as a Consent item at a future Board meeting.

AYE: Chair Candace Andersen
  Vice Chair Diane Burgis
  ABF Powerpoint Presentation FY 2019/20
  ARCHIVED DOCUMENT: April 2016 Board Order Expanding Animal Benefit Fund Program
6. ACCEPT the Small Business Enterprise, Outreach, and Local Bid Preference Programs Report, reflecting departmental program data for the period January 1 - June 30, 2020.
  Cindy Shehorn presented the staff report, noted improved compliance in some categories and highlighted those departments who met or exceeded the program targets.

Vice Chair Burgis suggested making presentations via Zoom to cities and local chambers of commerce to educate businesses about how to become eligible for these business categories and how to become aware of County bidding opportunities.  Chair Andersen also suggested reaching out to the East Bay Economic Development Association, East Bay Leadership Council, Tri-Valley Innovation, and the Workforce Development Board.

The Committee accepted the report and directed that it be forwarded to the Board for its information.
AYE: Chair Candace Andersen
  Vice Chair Diane Burgis
  SBE_Outreach Program Report 1 1 2020 thru 6 30 2020
  Program Activity Report January to June 2020
7. The next meeting is currently scheduled for November 9, 2020.
  The Committee confirmed the next meeting date.
8. Adjourn
  Staff requested and received direction on the format for interviews scheduled for the November meeting.

Chair Andersen adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.


For Additional Information Contact:

Julie DiMaggio Enea, Committee Staff
Phone (925) 655-2056, Fax (925) 655-2066

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